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RediTape: Duct Tape That Fits In Your Pocket

by Joseph


Duct tape gets bandied about often as the ultimate convenience product, the magic fix that can solve almost any problem. But have you ever noticed a typical roll of the stuff can’t even fit in your pocket? So how convenient could it really be? That’s a matter for debate among duct tape enthusiasts, but it may be moot now that RediTape exists.

RediTape fits typical, robust duct tape into your pocket by (as you can see in the photo above) eliminating the spool, which if you think about it really wasn’t necessary in the first place. Each package has five yards of the stuff, and it comes in a wide variety of colors – black, yellow, pink, fluorescent green and fluorescent orange, along with the always appealing classic duct tape gray.

You can get some of your own RediTape starting at just three bucks at the product’s official site right here. Then, prepare to be known for the rest of your days as the Duct Tape Guy.

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