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Redbeard Brew Bars: Natural Beer Soap

by Joseph
Redbeard Brew Bars

Redbeard Brew Bars

Even if you’re the most intense beer lover on your block, it’s unlikely that you ever tried to bathe in it (shower beers are one thing, but you still drink them in there). But there’s a new company that’s selling bars of soap made from their own beer, and they’re called Redbeard Brew Bars.

Redbeard, which gets its name from the distinctive facial hair of the company’s founder, uses only natural ingredients in its Brew Bars. These include avocado oil, coconut oil, olive oil, as well as the aforementioned beer. As for what that beer accomplishes once it’s been put into a bar of soap, Redbeard’s website says that it creates a fine, frothy lather, and that it can also slow aging and comes with strong antiseptic properties.

You can read more about Redbeard Brew Bars on Redbeard’s website here. You can also do some shopping there, where most of the handcrafted bars are priced at $8 each.

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