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Red Epic-M Monochrome Camera

by Joseph

Red Epic-M


Digital technology has already changed movies forever. No longer encumbered by the technological limitations of old-fashioned film, many filmmakers have fully embraced the creative freedom afforded by digital film-making. One of those filmmakers is David Fincher, as the director of Zodiac and The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo  is reportedly shooting his next project with the Red Epic-M Monochrome Camera.

Features of the Red Epic-M Monochrome Camera include “a newly-developed 5K monochrome sensor that offers improved net resolution thanks to the removal of the debayer process, a new low-pass filter, a native ISO of 2,000, and a guaranteed free upgrade to a Dragon Monochrome Sensor next year.”

But that kind of hardware doesn’t come cheap – to get one after its October 1st release, you have to shell out $42,000 at Red’s website. So if you are going to get one for yourself, you better have a few decent screenplays to film with it.

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