Home Entertainment ‘Recurrence’: Short Film Shows Infinite Fractal Zoom (Video)

‘Recurrence’: Short Film Shows Infinite Fractal Zoom (Video)

by Joseph


Filmmaker Julius Horsthuis has a new short film that starts as a slow zoom into a sprawling CGI cityscape that he created. How do you know it’s not a real city, or a simulation of one? Because the zoom keeps on going forever, fractal-like, which also explains why the short film is called Recurrence.

If I were a wizard of mathematics, I could probably now expound on how Recurrence illustrates geometric fractions visually. But I’m 29 years old and I still have nightmares about algebra class, so instead I will say it’s a good way to kill a few minutes if you’re looking for something short and psychedelic. How many minutes? Glad you asked – four minutes and twenty seconds, on the dot.

Take a look at Recurrence below. And if you have more than 4:20 to spare, you can find more stuff from Mr. Horsthuis, stay tuned to his official site right here.

Here’s the video:

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