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Record Player App is Shazam for Album Covers

by Joseph
Record Player

Record Player

For many years, the general practice in the record industry was to place both the name of the album and the recording artist prominently on the cover of that album. But for many albums, this is not the case — think Spinal Tap’s infamous Black Album for one notorious example. For these eclectic album covers, there is now an app that identifies them on sight and looks them up on Spotify to boot. It’s called Record Player, and you can see it in action below:

As you can see, users just need to snap a photo of the album they want more info (such as, for instance, the title) on, then let the Record Player app work its magic. If the record in question isn’t on Spotify, good news! You have the record in front of you, so you can just listen to it instead of trying to find an online stream.

Check out Record Player for yourself right here.

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