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REC 901 Collection: Watches Made From Recycled Porsches

by Joseph
REC 901 Collection

REC 901 Collection

Porsche isn’t the only company celebrating the legendary legacy of its Porsche 911. Other brands are able to slurp up some of that juice as well. REC Watches is one of them, and the watch brand recently unveiled the REC 901 Collection.

Every watch in the crowdfunded REC 901 Collection is made from recycled Porsche parts, and unlike most items made from recycled materials, the watches in this collection are visually upfront about their famous ancestors. The 911’s distinctive rear air grille gets a shout-out, as does the the original Porsche graphic font. And Porsche aficionados should be able to spot myriad other references within the watches’ designs.

You can check out the REC 901 Collection, which also includes a scannable Story Card with each watch for additional troves of Porsche information and trivia, at the project’s Kickstarter here, where you can pre-order a recycled watch of your own starting at around $912 – shipments slated for September.

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