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Real-Life Peter Griffin Making the Rounds Online (Video)

by Joseph
Real-Life Peter Griffin

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If someone were to tell you you reminded them of Peter Griffin, the dad from Family Guy, you would probably take it as an insult and seek to distance yourself from the character by any means necessary. But amateur impressionist Robert Franzese has embraced the comparison, and is now being rewarded with internet fame as a “real-life Peter Griffin.”

Franzese has reportedly been doing various characters for years, but his big break has been as a real-life Peter Griffin, as whom he meets and greets fans at events like the recent 2014 New York Comic-Con. After having watched the video, I have to say the resemblance is pretty uncanny, not just vocally but facially and bodily as well. Poor guy.

You can see the video below, taken at last year’s NYCC and living up to its title, which purports to show a “real-life Peter Griffin” as he has a conversation with fans. No word yet on whether or not he has a talking dog.

You can also check out Real-Life Peter Griffin on Facebook here.

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