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Readme Hanging Magazine and Book Rack

by Joseph


Hey, you like to read? Books, magazines, comic books, and so on? One of the biggest yet unsung components of any habitual reader has to do with storage, where you keep whatever it is you’re reading at the present moment. A new storage solution for books and magazines is called Readme, billed as a “modern hanging portable bookshelf and magazine rack.”

Each Readme book rack is made by hand, and in function is totally foldable and portable so you can take it pretty much anywhere you want to store books. The people at OITENTA who make it also suggest it’s “a good reminder for your kids to do their homework, just hang the rack in their bedroom´s door and they´ll immediately understand the indirect,” which is optimistic but still basically plausible.

Readme book racks are priced at about 70 bucks American at Crowdyhouse right here. Books and magazines, alas, are not included.

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