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Ray: The “Super Remote” for Your Television

by Joseph


The last time I invited someone named “Ray” into my home, I was inviting a lot of 2 AM fridge raids and Iron Maiden listening sessions. But I think I’d get along a little better with this Ray, a smart, “super remote” that enhances your TV viewing experience.

Ray gives you a lot of the features that an expensive smart TV has nowadays, but in a relatively inexpensive smartphone-like remote control rather than the TV itself. Those features include program searches, parental control, intuitive learning of what you like to watch, and a lot more. And Ray is compatible with a wide range of TVs as well as DVRs, DVD/Blu-ray players, and streaming set-top boxes, so there’s a good chance you’d be able to make use of it in your home entertainment setup.

You can get a lot more on the Ray super remote at the product’s website here. Pre-orders are being accepted now for $200, and with apologies to Yasujiro Ozu, shipments are scheduled for late spring, 2015.

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