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Ray Liotta is the Latest KFC Colonel in New Commercial (Video)

by Joseph
Ray Liotta

Ray Liotta

I admit to having a nearly infinite capacity for keeping track of all manner of fictional sagas, but KFC‘s ongoing ad campaign involving various high-profile actors and comedians portraying their departed founder is not one of them. So I don’t know exactly how Ray Liotta fits into the KFC Colonel continuity, but I do know the new “Georgia Gold or Nashville Hot?” commercial is funny enough that it doesn’t matter.

In a more innocent time uncorrupted by the internet’s twisted sense of humor, Ray Liotta’s appearance in a KFC commercial would be marked by puns on his most famous movie roles. “GoodFeathers” maybe, with apologies to Animaniacs, or “Something Mild” to advertise some new dipping sauce. But we live in Tim & Eric’s world now, so Liotta’s Colonel experiences a psychological breakdown stemming from two dueling varieties of fried chicken.

Check out Ray Liotta as KFC‘s latest Colonel Sanders below.


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