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Wayfarer Ice-Pop Collection From Ray-Ban

by Joseph
Ray-Ban Wayfarer Ice-Pop collection
Ray-Ban Wayfarer Ice-Pop collectionRay-Ban Wayfarer Ice-Pop collection

As if the classic Ray-Ban Wayfarer sunglasses weren’t cool enough, we now have the Wayfarer Ice-Pop collection, in six icy translucent colors that are perfect for the summer.

Those six colors in the Ray-Ban Wayfarer Ice-Pop collection are green, light blue, fuchsia, purple, yellow, and a darker blue. And all of the colors in the collection give off an eye-popping and frosty glow, particularly when lit by a harsh summer sun.

The suggested retail price for a pair of Ray-Ban Wayfarer Ice-Pop sunglasses is yet to be announced, but they’re supposed to be available for ordering on Ray-Ban’s online store here before the month is out.

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