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Ray-Ban Folding Aviator Makes Traveling Easy

by AnthonyP

Rayban folding aviator

It’s been a while since Ray-Ban introduced any new innovations to its Aviator design, but that time has finally come. Today the company announced a new version of its Aviator sunglasses that can now be folded in half to make it an ideal travel accessory.

Ray-Ban has been creating the Aviator since 1937, and the iconic sunglasses now sport a classic look in addition to a modern, intelligent design. The sunglasses were originally created for U.S. military fighter pilots prior to the advent of World War II, and have since become a mainstream American classic.

Go with a timeless look without having to worry about where to keep your sunglasses with a new pair of Ray-Ban Folding Aviator sunglasses for only $194.95 at the Sunglasses Hut.

ray-ban folding aviator sunglasses


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