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Ray-Ban Denim Wayfarer Sunglasses

by Joseph
Ray-Ban Denim Wayfarer

What if you could wear denim … on your face? Short of some kind of Kanye-style denim facemask, the best way to make this fantasy a reality is probably the new Ray-Ban Denim Wayfarer sunglasses, available in two different styles.

Those two styles are blue and black denim, so you can decide how noticeable the fact that you’re wearing jeans over your face will be. And each pair of Ray-Ban Denim Wayfarer shades will change over time (as denim is wont to do), so your pair will be uniquely yours. Jeans-style rivets round out the sunglasses, each pair made by hand in Italy. There’s a good chance that these sunglasses were made with more love and craftsmanship than any actual pair of jeans you own.

You can check out both the blue and black Ray-Ban Denim Wayfarer sunglasses in the gallery below. To get a pair, you just need $174 at select retailers, including this one.

Here’s the gallery:

Ray-Ban Denim WayfarerRay-Ban Denim Wayfarer

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