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Rawstudio Chess Set: Portable, Unorthodox, and Innovative

by Joseph
Rawstudio Chess Set

Rawstudio Chess Set

One of the things that makes chess such a brilliant and perennially popular game is that a game of chess doesn’t have to look like a game of chess – it can look like anything, provided it has the right number of squares and pieces in relation to one another. Nick Rawcliffe has taken full advantage of this fact with the new Rawstudio Chess Set.

As you can see in the photo up at the top, the Rawstudio Chess Set wasn’t made with the traditions of chess in mind. Instead, the stainless steel (and polished by hand) pieces were built to stack and connect with each other into one long tube, while the board is a hand-stitched leather sheet with suede and skin drawing tactile differences between the “black” and “white” squares. And coolest of all, the board rolls up and fits inside the tube created by the pieces, so you can take it pretty much anywhere.

At $600, the Rawstudio Chess Set is not cheap, but you can check it out at Rawstudio right here.

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