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RAW-1 Record Adapter Weight From Scout

by Joseph
RAW-1 Record Adapter Weight

RAW-1 Record Adapter Weight

One of the pleasures of collecting and listening to records is the sense of an analog technology that actually utilizes physical forces to work. But physical forces are notoriously unreliable, and sometimes improving the experience with a little help from gravity is called for.  That’s exactly what you can do with Scout’s new RAW-1 Record Adapter Weight.

The RAW-1 Record Adapter Weight performs two functions that are often crucial to a good record-listening experience. It presses the record down onto the turntable for a more even spin (and better playback), and it also serves as a 45rpm adapter, which is a great accessory for anybody who plays records to have if their player doesn’t come with one.

If that includes you, you can check out the RAW-1 Record Adapter Weight over at the Scout online store here, were it’s priced at $150. There you will also find a link to the product’s Kickstarter page for more information.

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