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Rare ‘Star Wars’ Collection from Neat Stuff Collectibles

by Joseph
Rare Star Wars Collection

Rare Star Wars Collection

As fictional universes go, the one depicted across all the feature films, comic books, TV series, and video games included in the Star Wars franchise is probably home to the most collectible memorabilia (sorry, Riverworld fans). So it’s pretty big news that Neat Stuff Collectibles and eBay have teamed up to unveil what they’re calling the Rare Star Wars Collection, made up of “a mix of never-before-seen and one-of-a-kind prototypes, customs, and art proofs as well as original production pieces and ultra rare prop replicas.” Here’s Sam Bright, Senior Director of Art & Collectibles at eBay, on the collection:

“We are excited to give lifelong Star Wars fans and new collectors alike rare access to historical items from one of the most iconic and important franchises of our time. The sale and incredible discovery by Neat Stuff Collectibles is an exciting opportunity for Star Wars fans of all ages to join eBay’s 170 million active buyers to own a unique piece of the Star Wars universe and its ongoing legacy.”

The Neat Stuff Collectibles x eBay Rare Star Wars Collection will be continually updated through April 7th, but the bidding on the first wave of items is already fierce. Check out the items now for sale as well as eBay’s press statement on the event right here.

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