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Rankin’s ‘F*ck Y*u’ Shows Celebrities Flipping Off the Photographer (Photos)

by Joseph
Rankin's 'F*ck Y*u'

Photographer Rankin has released a new book of his work that is focused on a very specific theme: Celebrities flipping off the camera.

It’s a timeless trope practiced by celebrities who want to look cool (or just genuinely don’t care) going all the way back to Johnny Cash and beyond, but by focusing on only photos he took himself, Rankin gives the book an unusual amount of cohesion. And, in keeping with the theme of the book, it has the appropriately confrontational title of F*ck Y*u (censorship is theirs, not ours).

He also has quite a cast list: Heidi Klum is on the cover, but inside there’s The Rolling Stones, Rihanna, Robert Downey, Jr., Nicholas Hoult, and many more. And they all seem very comfortable extending their middle finger while being photographed – don’t they know that’s rude?

F*ck Y*u by Rankin is available now from the Urban Outfitters UK online store here for about $45, but it’s supposed to get a wider release sometime soon. Until then, you can take a look at a few photos from the book, including the cover, in the gallery below.


Rankin's 'F*ck Y*u'Rankin's 'F*ck Y*u'Rankin's 'F*ck Y*u'Rankin's 'F*ck Y*u'Rankin's 'F*ck Y*u'

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