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Ranger Station Candles Come in Whiskey Glasses

by Joseph
Ranger Station Candles

Ranger Station Candles

I’m sure that in the candle community there are dozens of uses for candle containers after the candle itself has been burned down to its remnants. But a new collection of Ranger Station Candles come in containers that have their own very specific use: To hold  your whiskey.

To focus on the candle part of the equation for now, there are at the moment two different Ranger Station Candles that vary by aroma. There’s the Leather and Pine Candle, which gives you “an intoxicating scent you can only enjoy if you wake up at a campsite in the Pacific Northwest early in the morning,” and the Charcoal Candle, which purportedly smells just like a charcoal grill. When the candles have finally given up the ghost after about 40 hours, wash out the glasses, and you have a new set of whiskey tumblers that only your most intimate guests will know used to be candle holders.

You can check out the selection of Ranger Station Candles right here, where both varieties are priced at $35.95.

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