Home Entertainment ‘Rampage’: Movie Based on Video Game Series Stars Dwayne Johnson (Trailer)

‘Rampage’: Movie Based on Video Game Series Stars Dwayne Johnson (Trailer)

by Joseph


Hey, remember the video game Rampage? Perhaps, like me, you remember the Nintendo 64 version, or any of the original game’s myriad spinoffs and sequels. Now, there’s a movie version, and it naturally stars Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson as a diehard animal lover who sees his beloved gorilla George transformed into a giant, uh, rampaging gorilla, also named George.

If you’re familiar with the Rampage games, you probably know the rest – there’s a giant reptile named Lizzy, and a giant wolf named Ralph. Basically, they rampage through various cities, and the goal of the game is to cause as much wholesale destruction as possible – which makes the game a natural fit for the modern era of super blockbusters.

Check out a new trailer for the big screen version of Rampage below. The film itself will, oh, I dunno, let’s say stomp into theaters on April 20th of next year, so keep your eyes peeled for more.

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