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Rajendra Limbu Specializes in Art-Inspired Cocktails (Photos)

by Joseph
Rajendra Limbu

There are probably a lot of bartenders out there who would claim that cocktails are a work of art. But only Hong Kong‘s Rajendra Limbu is making the connection explicit for a new line of art-inspired cocktails for the Artesian bar in Hong Kong.

Artists like Vincent van Gogh, Salvador Dalí, and Piet Mondrian served as Rajendra Limbu’s inspiration for these art-inflected cocktails, and it’s not an influence that only makes sense to the bartender – just one look at the drinks and you can see that they are delicate works of art you almost don’t want to drink.

Of course, if you don’t want to drink them, that’s good, because the three cocktails are only available at the Hong Kong Artesian between March 23rd and April 30th coinciding with Art Basel Hong Kong. But if you do want to drink them, that’s good too, because somewhat unbelievably they only cost $20 a pop. You can see all three of the drinks in the gallery below, and check out the story on Eater here for more information.

Here’s the gallery:

Rajendra LimbuRajendra LimbuRajendra Limbu

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