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Radmo Phone Mount Works Without Suction Cups

by Joseph


Cell phones have been around for decades now, but we’ve yet to completely crack what we’re supposed to do with them in the car. Smartphones usually come with a “driving mode” that facilitates safer operation of essential functions (like GPS navigation) and text messaging by voice, but what about where to physically put your phone while this is going on? Most phone mounts are cheap pieces of plastic with a suction cup attached, and they have a tendency to fall off the windshield or dashboard at the exact point when it’s most irritating. Hopefully, with Radmo, that won’t happen.

That’s because Radmo uses no suction cups, instead hooking right onto your car’s CD player without interfering with the operation of your CD player at all. It’s fully adjustable to support everything from a cell phone to a mini tablet, and it allows you to charge your device while you drive. It doesn’t obstruct your field of vision while driving, and it’s designed to last for years. In short, it’s an ideal phone mount.

Radmo is still in its fundraising stage on IndieGoGo, but it’s almost doubled its fundraising goal, and delivery on Radmo cell phone mounts will begin in November. You can check it out here, where you can also place an order for a Radmo starting at $20.

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