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Racing Heroes: Meticulous Model Cars

by Joseph
Racing Heroes

Racing Heroes

If there’s a car buff in your life that you want to blow Christmas out of the water for, but also for whom you don’t want to spend tens of thousands of dollars on for an actual vintage car, a company out of Santa Barbara, CA offers the absolute cream of the model car crop that might be right for you. They’re called Racing Heroes.

Racing Heroes earns its lofty name with its intricate, hand-assembled model duplicates of classic cars, each one of which contains thousands of component parts.  They don’t actually run, but other than that it’s almost as if the real cars were passed through some scientific miniaturization process from the future of holiday gifting.

You can check out Racing Heroes at the company’s official site right here, where prices on their signature handcrafted model cars start at $220 and work their way up from there. Thankfully, just looking at photos of the cars on the site can be pretty pleasurable too, and they don’t charge anything for that (yet).

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