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R2-D2 Virtual Keyboard

by Joseph
R2-D2 Virtual Keyboard

R2-D2 Virtual Keyboard

Japanese tech company Amadana Imp. has developed a pretty cool piece of Star Wars inspired hardware. It’s the R2-D2 Virtual Keyboard, which adds a new capability to the famous droid’s skill set. It can project a keyboard onto any flat surface that can interface with MaxOSX, Windows 7/8, iOS and Android operating systems.

The Amadana Imp. R2-D2 Virtual Keyboard connects to any device running the operating systems mentioned above with Bluetooth, and projects a standard QWERTY keyboard that reacts to your touch. Even the hologram-projecting R2-D2 of the movies would probably be impressed by this, since in Star Wars everybody seems to use old-fashioned keyboards.

Amadana Imp.’s R2-D2 Virtual Keyboard isn’t set to come out until later this summer, with release information outside of Japan still to come. But if you’ve brushed up on your Japanese you can check out the item’s Amazon listing here.

Help me, R2-D2 Virtual Keyboard, you’re my only hope.

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