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Qwerkywriter: Typwriter-Style Keyboard for Wireless Devices

by Joseph


Who doesn’t miss the feeling of banging on an old-fashioned typewriter keyboard like Jessica Fletcher in the opening titles to Murder, She Wrote? Now, you no longer have to scour thrift stores and garage sales to make your typewriter fantasies come true – instead, you can just grab yourself a Qwerkywriter, which has the added benefit of working with your mobile devices.

The Qwerkywriter meticulously replicates the sensation of an old analog typewriter, with mechanical switches, full-size keys, and even a programmable return bar (I can’t tell if it makes a “ding” sound at the end of each line, so it’s probably better to assume that it does not and be pleasantly surprised if it does). It also comes with a built-in stand for any tablet-size device you might want to bang out a novel or two on.

Compatible with a wide variety of wireless devices, the Qwerkywriter costs $329 from its official website right here, where you can also get more information on it and other Qwerky Toys products.

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