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QuietOn Active Noise Cancelling Earplugs (Video)

by Joseph


We live in an increasingly noisy world, but unfortunately the benefits of noise-cancelling headphones have been reserved for people who don’t want peace and quiet but uninterrupted music instead. Until, of course, QuietOn, which apply that technology to the sweet sound of silence.

QuietOn are “active noise cancelling earplugs” that blend active noise cancellation with acoustic noise attenuation. What that means to those of us who didn’t study under Dr. Phibes is that the earplugs create complete silence while fitting ergonomically in your ears for comfortable (not to mention quiet) sleeping.

Evidently, the market for absolute quiet is pretty big, since the QuietOn project at IndieGoGo raised more than eight hundred percent of its fundraising goal. You can get more information on the earplugs at that IndieGoGo listing right here, where you can also order your pair starting at $160. And if your neighbors aren’t loud enough to make them an automatic purchase, you can try to convince yourself by seeing them in action in the video below.

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