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Quest: Turn Everyday Tasks Into an 8-Bit Video Game

by Joseph


I believe it was Mary Poppins who said that you can make anything fun if you turn it into a game. Once again, Poppins is shown to have been ahead of her time, because now her idea has been turned into an app. It’s Quest, the app that can turn any task on your to-do list into an 8-bit-style video game.

Basically, you feed your daily to-do list tasks into Quest, and it turns your day into a fantasy style, uh, quest, and with each task you complete your character grows stronger and can access more and more power-ups and items. Even Mary Poppins would approve of this shortcut to one of her basic ideals.

Best of all, Quest is free for the iPhone at the iTunes Store here, and hopefully an Android version is in the works. If not, Android users will just have to keep trudging through their monotonous routines all by themselves – a grim prospect, no doubt about it.

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