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QardioBase Smart Scale Tells You More Than Just Your Weight

by Joseph


If you’re at all health conscious or fitness-minded, you’ve probably been forced to depend on a scale to give you some gauge of your health progress. But as almost everyone knows, a simple three-digit figure of how much you weigh is actually nowhere close to being adequate, with many other factors contributing to the overall picture of your health and wellness. But the new QardioBase smart scale is designed to give you a fuller, more accurate picture, one that isn’t dependent on your weight alone.

QardioBase syncs up wirelessly with smartphone or iPad, giving you figures like BMI, the density of your bones, muscles, and fat, and more, all of which will place the figure of your weight in a broader, more informative context. And if you’re not in the mood to play amateur fitness-ologist, it can also keep things simple by displaying a simple smiley or frown-y face as soon as you step off the scale, depending on how close you’ve come to your programmed fitness goals.

For more information on the $150 QardioBase smart scale, and to buy one for yourself, head over to the product’s official website right here.

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