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q-JAYS: “World’s Smallest Earphones Made With Exchangeable Cables”

by Joseph


There are five million ways to kill a good pair of earphones, most of them distressingly commonplace. And even more of them are centered on the cables, which are like the glowing red weak spots to your average pair of earphones’ Metroid Prime boss. But that weak spot is effectively eliminated in the design of q-JAYS, described by their makers as “the world’s smallest earphones made with exchangeable cables.”

q-JAYS have more to offer the world than their replaceable cables, with top-quality audio owing in part to the dual speakers built into each ear. But it’s likely that those exchangeable cables will be the product’s killer app, since it can extend the earphones’ average lifespan far beyond that of a more typical pair.

Release details on q-JAYS earphones are still to come, but the Jays website says they’re “coming soon” at a price point of $449. For more information, head over to the product’s official site here.

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