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Pygmy Titanium Micro Multitool

by Joseph


Multitools usually feature some kind of folding or telescoping function in order to pack so much usefulness into a small package. But, as everyone knows by now, there’s always another way, like the one proposed by Chris Schnelle and Sarah Schnelle, the inventors of the Pygmy titanium micro-multitool.

Pygmy, as its name suggests, is incredibly small.  More precisely, it’s roughly the size of a quarter. But within that small space it fits two screwdrivers, a hex wrench, a scraper, and a bit driver—a remarkable accomplishment that it achieves through a novel design that can best be appreciated visually in the photo up at the top.

Once you’re done, you can head over to Pygmy’s Kickstarter listing right here, where for the next two and a half weeks you can pre-order yours (also available in stainless steel) starting at $14 and up – then, you’ll have to wait until December of this year when shipments begin to get a hold of it.

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