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Pure Black Cold Brew Coffee From La Columbe (Video)

by Joseph
Pure Black Cold Brew

Pure Black Cold Brew

I don’t have to tell you that thousands of years of human evolution have brought us to a point where we no longer have to drink hot coffee when it’s 99 degrees outside. But that doesn’t mean that you have to drink watered-down coffee drowned in cream and sugar – just take a look at Pure Black Cold Brew by La Columbe.

La Columbe’s Pure Black Cold Brew is steeped for 16 hours in oxygen-free steel wine casks, double-pressed, and double-filtered, for a cold brew coffee that is as strong and flavorful as they come. La Columbe recommends putting it over ice or using it as an ingredient in desserts or mixed drinks.

You can buy yourself a couple bottles of Pure Black Cold Brew over at La Columbe’s online store right here. And to get a good look at part of the process that brings the coffee from factory to bottle, check out the video below.

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