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Pumpal Lamp Has Top-Like Design That Won’t Tip Over

by Joseph
Pumpal Lamp

Pumpal Lamp

How many lamps have you knocked over in your life? 50? A hundred? More? If so, don’t be ashamed. Lamps are notoriously easy to knock over, and in fact I’ve owned one or two in my life that couldn’t withstand a slight breeze, but designer Ewan Cashman has whipped up a design for a lamp that won’t fall over by accident – the Pumpal Lamp.

The Pumpal Lamp has a base inspired by a spinning top that’s designed never to tip over. But that isn’t the only novel aspect of this lamp. Instead of being clustered at the top, the LEDs are placed along the “handle” that comes up from the base itself. No word on if you can actually spin it like a top, particularly since it’s only in its design stage.

You can check out the Pumpal Lamp and other pieces from Ewan Cashman at the designer’s website right here. And stay tuned to see whether this lamp ever actually goes into production.

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