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Pull-Pong Ping Pong Table From MWA is Also a Regular Table (Photos)

by Joseph

When you walk into a stranger’s home for the first time and you see evidence that they’re using a ping pong table for anything other than ping pong, it’s what’s commonly known as a “red flag.” But what if there was a ping pong table that’s supposed to be used as a dining room table? That’s the idea behind the Pull-Pong by MWA.

Pull-Pong earns its name by its ability to fold into a long Last Supper-style dining room table that can fit up to eight people comfortably. After desserts and coffee have been served, you can fold it out so that it may fulfill its true species-being as a ping pong table. And since the ping pong surface is different from the surface you eat on, you don’t even have to worry about grease spots or other messes interfering with the aerodynamics of your game.

You can get more information on Pull-Pong, and order yours for about $2,700, at the MWA online store right here. And for an idea of how the table’s transformation process works, check out the photos in this gallery:


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