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PROMO: Check Out the “Madden 13” Trailer, Now Online

by complex

madden 13 trailer

Madden 13, the latest installment in the storied football franchise, has us psyched to get back on the virtual field. While playingMadden is a year-round activity, there’s nothing like going head to head with a long-standing rival during football season. It’s almost like you’re out there yourself—without the serious risk of bodily injury. Close friends and friendly rivals Ray Lewis and Paul Rudd have been giving the new game a test drive, and as you can see in the series of videos EA has put online, things have gotten pretty intense between these two.

Check the clip below to see Paul get a little too personal (you don’t wear black and yellow to Ray’s house). If you dig that, then do yourself a favor and click here (http://www.youtube.com/easports) to watch the other episodes in the series.

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