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“Prologue: The Crossing” – Another ‘Alien: Covenant’ Prologue (Video)

by Joseph
Prologue: The Crossing

Prologue: The Crossing

The producers of the upcoming Alien: Covenant must be really concerned that we’re not going to have enough information to be able to parse its narrative, because they’ve released another “prologue” in advance of its release next month. This one is called “Prologue: The Crossing,” and it acts as a kind of mini-sequel to Prometheus.

“Prologue: The Crossing” depicts what happened to Dr. Elizabeth Shaw and her synthetic manservant David, played in Prometheus and this prologue by Noomi Rapace and Michael Fassbender, after the events of the earlier film. It’s not clear whether this will actually be in Alien: Covenant or not, so if you want to go in fresh you better sit this one out.

If not, you can check out “Prologue: The Crossing” for yourself below. Alien: Covenant bursts into theaters on May 19th, and if they release any additional prologues between now and then you’ll see them on Fox’s YouTube channel right here.


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