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Project Morpheus: PS4’s Virtual Reality Helmet (Video)

by Joseph
Project Morpheus

Project Morpheus

If you’re old enough, it’s possible you’ve been waiting for a real virtual reality helmet for decades now. For a while, it seemed like every depiction of the future in movies, TV, and books included a virtual reality system, but it recently seemed like the gaming industry had gone in another direction. But now, the people at Sony have lifted the curtain on Project Morpheus, an honest to God virtual reality helmet for the PlayStation 4.

Project Morpheus is still in the prototype stage, with Sony executives saying it won’t be out anytime this year, but as the first time a major game company has dabbled in virtual reality technology – unless you count the Nintendo Virtual Boy, which isn’t recommended unless you have a lot of Dramamine handy.

Right now, we know a few technical specs about Project Morpheus in its current form. It’s got a small 1080p display inside, with a 90-degree field of view. And Sony has plans to make the technology wireless, although now it’s tethered to the PS4 on a cable.

More importantly than all that, you can actually see Project Morpheus being demonstrated in a video courtesy of Kotaku below. Enjoy:

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