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Project Invincible: Civilian Body Aromor from McLaren

by Joseph
Project Invincible

Project Invincible

A certain rich guy out there – let’s call him Client X, since that’s what McLaren is calling him – wanted to be, for all intents and purposes, invincible. I won’t waste your time with the Bruce Wayne comparisons, since it’s likely the first thing most people will think of when they get a load of McLaren’s custom built body armor for Client X – even though Project Invincible is in a white color scheme rather than black.

Here’s Dr. Adam Hill, Chief Medical Officer at McLaren, on Project Invincible:

“From digital therapeutics, to tailored human performance programmes and bespoke medical devices, our aim is to innovate health care solutions that can be tailored for individual patients. The common thread in all of our projects is data. We use data to build a digital picture of how a patient is performing or recovering, and then create solutions, or in the case of the Project Invincible, devices, to aid our users.”

The Project Invincible armor protects the wearer’s vital organs like an exoseletal rib cage following surgery, and is made from Dyneema fibers, toughened resin, carbon fibers, and the Zylon fiber used to make Formula One cars.

You can read more about Project Invincible right here.

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