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Project Ara: Google’s Modular Smartphone Prototype Unveiled (Video)

by Joseph
Project Ara

Project Ara

It was two calendar years ago in 2013 when Google first made public mention of Project Ara, their top-secret smartphone development project. Now, they’ve unveiled “Spiral 2” of the smartphone with a video that will more-than-likely blow you away.

Basically, Project Ara is a modular smartphone that works by way of connectible and detachable “blocks” that can perform any function under the sun. The phone’s screen, batteries, cameras, speakers, and apps are all modular, and can be enhanced, replaced, or swapped out for alternative modules at the will of the user. And Google is ready to start letting the public test the phone, first with an initial test-market phase in Puerto Rico later this year, followed by a wider roll-out sometime after that.

No matter where you live, you can watch the incredibly impressive promotional video for the Google Project Ara modular smartphone, called Project Ara: Part of it, below. And for more information on the project, you can head over to Google’s Project Ara website here.

Here’s the video:

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