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Pro Passback Football for Solo Passing/Catching Drills

by Joseph
Pro Passback Football

Pro Passback Football

One thing they don’t tell you as a kid when they say you can be anything you want with hard work and determination: You need other people to help you practice throwing and catching a football. But now there’s finally a way for those habitual lone wolves out there to practice these important fundamentals of football – the Pro Passback Football.

The Pro Passback Football boasts a novel flat-ended design that allows passers to bounce it off a wall, no additional participants required. Such a repeated activity encourages accuracy and power in throwing, and since each throw by definition necessitates a catch, players who practice with the Passback are likely to become well-rounded players.

Also, it’s just fun. You can get your own Pro Passback Football for just under $40 at the Passback online store right here. And who knows? Maybe you’ll make some more friends once you’re seen practicing with it.

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