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‘Prismverse’: See What Being Inside a Diamond is Like (Video)

by Joseph


There are some big diamonds out there, but unless you’re Atom Ant none of them are big enough for you to get inside, even if such a thing were physically possible. But a recent art installation designed by design studio XEX on behalf of the Dr. Jart+ skincare brand seeks to simulate the imaginary experience of being inside a glittering diamond, and now you can experience Prismverse for yourself via virtual reality.

Prismverse was reportedly on display in Shanghai last month, but now it’s captured on VR and up on YouTube, where it will presumably remain indefinitely. And even if you don’t have a VR rig, you can give it a whirl – not a bad way to kill a few minutes at the tail end of a work day, for what that’s worth:

So there you have it, you finally know what it feels like to be the Pink Panther.

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