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Prisma Guitars: Guitars Made From Recycled Skateboards (Photos)

by Joseph
Prisma Guitars

Skateboarding is cool, and playing the guitar is cool, but except for creatures of extraordinary balance and concentration, the two disciplines are extremely difficult to combine. Until now, that is, with the introduction of Prisma Guitars, guitars crafted from old skateboards by Nick Pourfard.

Pourfard has experience as both an industrial designer and a woodworker (with a presumable passion for guitars and skateboarding as well), and each one of his Prisma Guitars are crafted by hand. Judging by the photos I’ve seen, they look great, and do a good job blending the colors of the skate decks with the design of the guitars.

You can see what I mean when you look at the photos in the gallery below. As far as pricing is concerned, Prisma Guitars start at $2,500 at the product’s official site here, where you can also get some more information on how they’re made.

Here’s the gallery:

Prisma GuitarsPrisma GuitarsPrisma Guitars

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