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Print Wikipedia: Art Exhibition Features Printed Volumes of Wikipedia

by Joseph
Print Wikipedia

Print Wikipedia

One of the saddest (at least to me) losses from the last century is the extinction of print encyclopedias. And even though it would probably take a major calamity on a societal level for them to make a widescale comeback, artist Michael Mandiberg is doing his part with Print Wikipedia, an artistic exhibition that involves uploading the entirety of online encyclopedia Wikipedia‘s sum of human knowledge to print-on-demand service Lulu.

After that, only a select few volumes will be printed for Print Wikipedia, but users all over the world will be able to visit the project’s Lulu listing and order any volume they choose, including the site’s table of contents and contributor appendix. The entire process is estimated to take anywhere from 11 to 14 days, the first week of which visitors to the exhibit at the Denny Gallery in New York will be able to see it happening in real time around the clock.

Even if you’re not going to be in New York in the next week or two, you can check out Print Wikipedia online at the exhibition’s official site right here. And maybe consider a volume of Wikipedia for your parent’s as a gift, which is now possible.

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