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Princeton Audio Tonewood Wireless Speakers

by Joseph
Princeton Audio

Princeton Audio

Michael Pelland of Princeton, WI has developed a new set of speakers that are different from your standard audio equipment. What sets Princeton Audio speakers apart is the approach to their design, which has more in common with meticulously crafted musical instruments than it has with typical speakers.

Princeton Audio speakers are made from solid tonewood, “to match the kind of music it was made to play.” Despite that kind of old-school craftsmanship, they’re still state-of-the-art, connectable to your myriad music sources via Bluetooth, and purportedly making the music from those sources sound better than any other speaker can.

As you might imagine, that kind of premium engineering doesn’t come cheap, which is why Princeton Audio speakers are priced at just under $315 at the Huckberry online store right here. But if you’re passionate about sound quality and tone, or just want a high-quality speaker that’s built to last, it could very well be worth every penny.

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