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‘Prince Pre Fame’ Book Showcases Photography by Robert Whitman

by Joseph
Prince Pre Fame

Prince Pre Fame

It’s weird to think about, but there was a time not so long ago when Prince wasn’t an internationally famous sex alien icon, but just a guy from Minneapolis who just signed a record deal. It’s this period that is the subject of an upcoming photography book entitled Prince Pre Fame, with shots taken by Robert Whitman at the behest of Prince’s manager at the time.

The photos in Prince Pre Fame, many of which have never been seen since the Whitman/Prince sessions happened in 1977 for a press kit to promote Prince’s then upcoming debut album, are also the subject of an accompanying exhibition at the One Art Space Gallery in New York this weekend.

On December 14th, you’ll be able to purchase a copy of Prince Pre Fame here, exclusively through the Vero app. But even if you can’t get a copy of the book or make it to the exhibition, you can check out some of Whitman’s early Prince snaps at his own website for the project right here.

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