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Prince Discography Annotated by the Prince Estate

by Joseph
Prince Discography Annotated

Prince Discography Annotated

Prince has one of the densest discographies of any recent artist, and truth be told most people only know the core biggies: Dirty Mind through Sign o’ the Times, with maybe the Batman soundtrack album thrown in for good measure. The Prince estate recently unveiled a new way to explore Prince’s famous discography, and will hopefully encourage a few fans to go beyond the hits and deeper into his body of work: It’s called the Prince Discography Annotated. 

The Prince Discography Annotated gives brief text annotations on all of Prince’s studio albums, live albums, “legacy releases,” compilations, and there’s even a section devoted to “major albums produced by Prince” from other artists, including The Time, Sheila E, Graham Central Station, Chaka  Khan, and many more. Annotations include full personnel credits, artist quotes, and even some sample tracks.

You can check out the Prince Discography Annotated right here, and if in going through it you don’t find at least one new-to-you album to check out, congrats: You are a last-level Prince fan.

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