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Prince Finally Coming Back to Non-Tidal Streaming Services

by Joseph


It’s been almost two years since the now-departed Purple One packed up his music and took it to Tidal, which has been its exclusive home ever since. But since Prince‘s death in April of last year, speculation arose that Tidal’s days of exclusive streaming rights to the music might be numbered, and now it appears that number is finally about to come up.

According to a report in Pitchfork, both Amazon Music and Apple Music are rumored to have reached an agreement with Prince’s estate to carry the musician’s massive library. Spotify is also believed to be a part of the deal, owing to some purple-hued advertisements seen in New York City, but additional details on the deal(s) are still to come.

It’s good news for Prince fans who prefer non-Tidal streaming services, and could possibly mean that even those fabled mountains of unreleased Paisley Park recordings could eventually find their way to Spotify or Apple Music.  But whether Prince himself would actually approve of the new deals being made is going to be a matter for future debate. For now, you can read the Pitchfork article about Prince’s streaming future right here.

***UPDATE: Price’s music will be available on all streaming services on February 12, 2017.***

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