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PrettyPuke x ALIFE T-Shirt Collection

by Joseph
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Photographer Miller Rodriguez, also known as PrettyPuke, is known for his photographs of hot, barely clothed women in sexually suggestive poses (who knew such a method could lead to a successful career in photography?). And now he’s teaming up with New York retailer ALIFE for an exclusive new t-shirt collection made up of two shirts that you probably won’t wear to Thanksgiving dinner this year.

The PrettyPuke x ALIFE t-shirt collection is made up of the “Money Maker” and “Fender Bender” t-shirts, both of which prominently feature the best side of their particular models. The photos are joined by the ALIFE logo, which gives the shirts a vaguely tabloid-like look, which may or may not be a selling point for you.

You can see what I mean by checking out both of PrettyPuke’s new ALIFE t-shirts in the gallery below. And to buy, head over either to the New York ALIFE retail location or their online store here.

Be careful, these images might be considered NSFW:

PrettyPuke x ALIFE T-ShirtsPrettyPuke x ALIFE T-Shirts

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