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Presidential Burger Election Being Held by J.S. BURGERS CAFE

by Joseph
Presidential Burger Election

Presidential Burger Election

Tonight, the world will watch Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton in their first presidential debate together. By all accounts, there’s going to be a lot of shouting, a lot of lying, and a lot of punditry about who won and who lost. But perhaps it would be a better idea to focus on a far more palatable indicator of where the election is headed: The Presidential Burger Election soon to come to J.S. BURGERS CAFE in Japan.

That’s right, a Japanese burger joint is holding their own presidential election, the only way they can: Through cheeseburgers. The Presidential Burger Election brings two new menu items to J.S. BURGERS, each one representing the respective hometowns of Clinton and Trump. First up, there’s the “Mrs. Burger,” inspired by Hillary’s Chicago hometown, and more specifically Chicago hot dogs, with dry-aged beef, a grilled hot dog, fresh pickles, mustard, and celery salt. Then there’s the “Mr. Burger,” which takes its cues from the New York delis Trump spends his time in New York avoiding in favor of hastily prepared taco bowls and KFC, with a dry-aged beef patty, pastrami, Russian dressing and classic coleslaw.

Unlike the real presidential election, both of the candidates in the Presidential Burger Election actually sound pretty good. Of course, unless they’re spending this election season in Japan, American voters won’t get to try them, but they can get a few more details at the J.S. BURGERS CAFE site right here. And the burgers themselves will reportedly be available starting on October 6th and on through Election Day—with the winner announced in December.

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