Home Entertainment ‘Preposterous’: Short Animation Shows a World Gone Wrong (Video)

‘Preposterous’: Short Animation Shows a World Gone Wrong (Video)

by Joseph


It’s easy to look at the world right now and feel that something has gone wrong. But before you fold your knees up under your chin and start rocking back and forth, take comfort in the fact that at least the basic physical laws of reality haven’t abandoned us yet—like they do in a new short film entitled Preposterous.

Billed as “a short film about absurdity,” Preposterous is the work of Florent Porta, and in 50 seconds of animation it lays out a series of simple scenarios, all of which end more or less in the exact opposite way that the viewer expects.

If you have a little under a minute to give over to total absurdity, you can check out Preposterous below. And at the risk of subverting that absurdity, I’ll go ahead and do the expected, directing you to take a look at more of Porta’s work right here.

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