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Prepd Pack: “The Lunchbox Reimagined” (Video)

by Joseph
Prepd Pack

Prepd Pack

Lunchbox options for a mature adult tend to be few and far between: There’s the elegant heartbreak of a brown bag, the arrested adolescence of a licensed lunchbox (with Batman or Han Solo or someone on it), or the “why bother” vibe of one of those insulated lunch containers. Now, there’s a fourth option: The Prepd Pack.

Billed as “The Lunchbox Reimagined,” the Prepd Pack has removable compartments for each aspect of tomorrow’s work lunch, plus included magnetic silverware. There’s also, naturally, a companion app, which emphasizes healthy food choices instead of just Doritos and chicken nuggets.

If you’re ready to “take lunch seriously,” you can check out the Prepd Pack at the product’s official site right here, as well as in the promotional video below. Deliveries are expected to begin in June of this year, and pre-order prices start at $55, going up from there depending on which modular add-ons and accessories you opt for.

Here’s the video:

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