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‘Preacher’ Second Season Trailer (Video)

by Joseph


It would seem that Reverend Jesse Custer’s journey to confront God didn’t end with AMC original series Preacher‘s first season, and that in fact the story will continue for (at least) one more. How do I know? It’s not because God told me, it’s because I saw that a trailer for the show’s second season recently premiered online.

The second season of Preacher sees Custer and co. in New Orleans, among other southern locales, being chased by the Angel of Death and getting involved in all kinds of supernatural western-inflected adventures. Arseface doesn’t appear in the trailer, but maybe his time in the spotlight has already come and gone.

Check out the trailer for Preacher season two below. If you like what you see, mark your calendars for later this month, because the show premieres on AMC on June 25th – which also gives you about three more weeks to catch up with the show’s first season.

Here’s the trailer:


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